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FaceTime Photoshoot Mum and Baby

Since the first lockdown of 2020 I have been admiring all the photographers who have been doing Virtual photoshoots and last week I got to experience the magic of this myself. I love technology and photography so combining the two is an exciting prospect for me.

Just as we went into a national lockdown last year I was due to travel to London to visit my best friend. She was about to have her second baby and I we had planned to do a maternity photoshoot. However lockdown restrictions meant that she had to self isolate and I had to stay in Manchester, next thing we know her baby is born. Fast forward 9 months and I still haven’t met baby Seren in person although we have spent a lot of time chatting on the phone.

I’d seen lots of virtual photoshoots for portrait and fashion photographers but I haven’t seen many for baby or family photography so decided to give it a go. After a bit of research and a lot of youtube videos I had an idea of what I wanted to do and how to guide my friend. Its really quite simple and all you need is two devices which both have iOS 6 or above (my friend used an iPad whilst I used my mobile).

After this, there’s a couple of ways you can take the images; some photographers shoot their camera through the screen (i.e. through a laptop) – although I did a trial run on this and found that the grain and colour came out weird. The other option was to take the photos via Factime photo setting (you just need to make sure this is switched on in your settings), then when you’re connected you press the white button. A message pops up on your screen and the other persons to let them know you’ve take the image and it stores directly in your photo album on your phone.

A few more tips I found to be helpful are:

  • Get the client to show you round their house, find the best light
  • use the back camera where possible (may require an additional mirror so they can see themselves)
  • Use a chair, books, table etc to prop the device up
  • Choose a couple of different set ups
  • Incorporate a few props for interest i.e. fowers, glasses
  • keep shooting – I found the best shots where of my friend when she forgot I was there, the natural emotion

When editing the photos, they will naturally be more grainy than shot with a DSLR but I edited these in exactly the same way I would a normal shoot.

Here are a few images from the shoot and a little video showing how we did it. I’m so happy with the way these turned out and still astonished by the power of technology and how it enables us to connect in a way that I never thought possible. I’d love to be able to carry these on even after lockdown and connect with clients all over the world. You can follow along more on my Instagram and If you or someone you know would be interested in a virtual photoshoot please get in touch.

I hope you found this inspiring xx

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